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Lessons without a Grade.

In two months I will have already graduated from Muskingum University, having walked across the stage with a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science. I learned a lot about sciences amongst other subjects at Muskingum to earn that degree, which is in fact a lot of pressure! How am I supposed to remember it all?  Sure, topics in Biology 112 are still in my brain somewhere from freshmen year but I would not want to take one of the tests again! There a lot of lessons that I did learn from my professors though that didn’t earn me that diploma. I guess you could call them the “Bonus Points” of a Muskingum University degree. These are some the lessons I had without a grade.


You can have passions other than your profession.  I have had the pleasure of seeing two of my professors, Dr. Jim Dooley and Dr. Bill Kerrigan, perform music in which they love. I have also played along Dr. Matt Davis and Professor Jay Shaffstall in a game club sponsored zombie tag game called “Humans Versus Zombies”. Granted these might just seem like just hobbies to some, but it really enforced to me that life is not all about your paycheck.


I have also learned that details matter. Courtesy of many science labs in which you have to follow precise directions. My attitude of “Let’s just get this done” has been defeated in my four years here. Taking Microbiology with Dr. Osunsanya and Molecular Biology with Dr. Santas left me with the mentality that not only do I need to know the steps, I need to know why I should be taking them. When it comes to planning for life after Muskingum, this lesson has been very important. However, luckily I learned from Dr. Paul Szalay during my freshmen year that it is okay to ask for help if you don’t understand the details.


Overall the main life lesson I have taken from my professors is that people matter.  You can be a genius or amazing at what you are doing but you will always have to interact with people. Instead of my professors teaching me for the grade, they have taught me for the betterment of myself. From Dr. Ingold always asking about how our day is going to Dr. Shelley Amstutz-Szalay giving me praise on getting job interviews to every single professor that gave me support when I had a death in the family. You can be a success in your life without people, but why not help people along the way?


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