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Moving Forward: “You Gotta Jump”

In honor of Daylight Savings Time and Senior Salute, I was thinking about the concept of time and how many of us seemed to be ruled by it. It’s interesting, really, because if we had no responsibilities, time would likely be a useless concept. (I said likely).

It’s amazing how time flies. As cliche as that line was, it’s true. One moment, we’re freshmen in college, trying to figure out what we want to major in, and in the blink of an eye we’re picking up our caps and gowns and getting ready to take our first steps in the real world. (Yikes!)

I was thinking about something Steve Harvey (yes, that Steve Harvey) said about being successful. He talks about how we have to “jump to be successful” and what he means by that is that we have to take chances. He goes on to say that each of us were born with a gift and that if we don’t use our gift, we aren’t living. We are just surviving. Well, I dunno about you, but surviving is for The Walking Dead universe and every post-apocalyptic show and novel you can think of.

Harvey warns us and says that when we first start out living, we’re going to have a lot of ups and downs, particularly in the beginning, but that the point is to live. To jump so that we can soar into the future. If you’re feeling down, I invite you to watch this video. It’s pretty lengthy, but I promise it’s worth it.




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