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Need Cash Now!

Just like the freshman 15, being a broke college student isn’t a myth. Universities have a big price tag dangling from them, however in the end its all worth it. But while in college you may struggle and have to stretch your dollar a little further than you would have if you were still leaving at home. But that is all part of the experience and learning to manage your money. So don’t feel bad when your paying for you McDonald’s with pennies it’s normal, we’ve all been there. However, with graduation right around the corner, some student jobs will hopefully be opening up. When you arrive in the Fall or even this summer ask about different job opportunities. The sooner you get a jump on it the more of a chance you will have of landing one of these positions. Muskingum has job opportunities all over campus, but its your job to seek them out. And besides having a little jingle in your pocket, these campus jobs look great on resumes, because they show that your able to handle multiple important things in life at once. So put the pennies back in the crevices of the Earth from which you dug them out and go out there and find an on campus job. You’ll make some great connections, gain some great experience, and have a little extra cash!


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