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Muskingum Guide to the Freshmen 15

For all those that do not know, the Freshmen 15 refers to the 15 extra pounds you are bound to gain freshmen year of college. There are definitely people who are expectations, but I was definitely not one of them. I quickly learned the best places to eat breakfast, lunch, dinner and late night snacks. I pass on this knowledge on to you now to assist you in your search for food at college, but with a warning to not take the food for granted.

Dining Halls: Thomas Hall and Patton Hall

Probably the biggest source of food but also surrounded with the biggest debate of it is good or not.  So none of these places will be a home-cooked meal, but that is amongst one of the many reasons to visit home while you at college. The dining halls are buffet style built dining experience with always having a salad bar and desert table ready to devour from. Both hills have a dining hall and you can go either one. In my case, the dining hall on the other hill is more of a “special occasion” dining hall due to the extra walking. My favorite dish has been chicken nugget, mashed potato bowls but an honorable mention would have to be breakfast pizza.


Cafes: Bait Shop and Winn Café

The Bait Shop has got your lunch time endeavors due to its hours and that it is located on the academic quad. The great thing about the Bait Shop is that you can get a meal swipe to get a pre-paid lunch deal. They have a lot of different wraps, sandwiches, and salads offered for the meal exchange, but you can opt into a pb&J sandwich if you don’t want those! The Winn Café is the late night snack in the Chess Center by the Residential Halls, open when the dining hall closes. It has burgers, pizza, wings, chicken tenders and my usual mozzarella sticks!


New Concord Food: Circle K and Creno’s Pizza

Nothing says college like cheap food and pizza. The 3 dollar meal deal at Circle K will provide you with two filling hot dogs, chips and a polar pop. Hard to beat that when everything else is closed and you are cramming for a test the next day! Creno’s Pizza is pretty good pizza and will deliver to the dorms, great for study groups cramming for that test the next day!


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