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The Great Balancing Act

As college students (especially graduating seniors), we are kept busy with ever increasing amounts of work to be done. And I can already hear the question in your head: What keeps a graduating senior so busy? The answer: senior capstone projects, applying to jobs/graduate schools, homework, tying up loose ends at university with various academic offices…you get the idea. Now, naturally the purpose behind this is to train us for the real world: meeting tight deadlines, juggling enormous workloads, and managing our energy and time. However, we should remember that even though we are working toward better lives by pursuing a college education, we should also take the time to be social.

You heard me. Be social. College wouldn’t be college without some form of social interaction among your peers. College students are expected to be high performing scholars who participate in classroom discussions. Students are also expected to be social butterflies, which is a fair expectation, but some of us (myself included) find it to be challenging.So how do we achieve this balance? We set aside time. What I mean by that is yes, your studies should always come first. After all, that is the main reason for your being in college, but we must also set aside the time to hang with friends and get out of our rooms, even if it’s just for five minutes.

Find some way to incorporate social activity within your day, even it involves just watching an episode of your favorite show on Netflix with a group of friends. If you still feel like you need to be productive, invite friends over for a homework date, especially if you’re in the same classes. Whatever form of social activity you participate in, your mental and emotional well-being will thank you later.




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