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Homes Away from Home

Muskingum University is the second place in my life I have called home and as it was hard to say goodbye to the home I grew up in, it may be harder to say goodbye Muskingum. Panics soon overcame me as I thought about having to move again, but then I realized Muskingum has prepared me for that too. I have lived in three different housing at Muskingum each with its own experience. So here have been my homes away from home!

The Thomas Hall Experience:

Ahhh, freshmen year! Thomas Hall brought its own adventure of being an all freshmen hall! Many people were like me, and didn’t know who they were going to room with until they took a roommate survey! In fact, no one knew anybody! What was great about that was you had to meet people and luckily for me I met some of my best college friends there.  Walking through the lobby still brings back memories all our study spots that we would claim almost every night. A lot has changed in that building and they are getting new furniture next year, but it will always be how I remember it.

 The Kelley Hall Experience:

             Moving into Kelley Hall my sophomore year was a great decision for me! I and my friends all seemed to make the move to Kelley from Thomas, but Kelley Hall is the biggest hall on campus! More people I didn’t know! Thankfully though I found a big quiet lobby to study in, which was definitely fit to hold larger study groups. That isn’t to say I study all the time in that lobby, there was lots of cards and monopoly played in that lobby sophomore year. In fact, I returned to Kelley Hall as a RA for my last year and it is a great place to hang out with people and you definitely get a work out doing a round.

The Moore Hall Experience:

             Moore Hall was an experience I will never forgot, but for good reasons. I moved into Moore Hall my junior year as a first year RA. Moore Hall is an all-male housing and I lived on the third floor. Needless to say I stayed in the lobby a lot due to all the stairs. I have probably had my most social year in the Memorial Hall (all female)/Moore Hall lobby. I meet a lot of different kinds of people that year and played a lot of cards. I also had an amazing RA staff that formed a great community for us.


Until Next Time,

Connor Hann


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