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Grade Positivity

Ah. A “B”. You logged countless hours studying for that test or fine tuning that paper only to get a “B”. Where did you go wrong? Did you not study hard enough? Was your thesis not strong enough? Whatever the reason, you’re likely bummed out and are frantically calculating just how many assignments you need to do well on in order to bring your overall grade back up to an A.

Stop. Collaborate and listen: Bs get degrees, too.

I came to Muskingum University as a transfer student and I had gotten my fair share of grades less than an A. What stuck with me was the lessons I learned along with those grades: how to study smarter, how to strengthen my writing, and that grades don’t define your value or intelligence. I also learned that some classes are just so challenging that a B really is a high achievement. I took college-level physiology at 17 and I frequently got a B on my assignments because that class was no joke. And this was after countless hours of study, creating my own mnemonics, and having family quiz me on flashcards I made.

Think of it this way: I’m pretty sure your doctor or nurse earned a B at some point. Do you question his/her medical expertise? Maybe, but chances are, you probably trust them because they typically know a lot more about human health and the body than you do. After all, their job is to diagnose and treat illnesses. My final point is this: As long as you are applying yourself and absorbing the material, cut yourself some slack. You are not your grade. You’re a human being.




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