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Final Stretch Pep Talk

Well Muskies, the time has come. A month left till finals and crunch time is upon us. By this time I’m sure all of your professors have thrown you several papers, projects, and tests to prepare for. I myself have two papers to write and finish in the span of two or three weeks and two exams to study for, not including the dreaded finals. Tension is in the air and the game is on. But look at it this way, one month left. One month to the finish line and then summer break. One month of our last intense battle of the school year and then freedom. It’s so close, you guys! It’s scary and stressful but we can do it! So lace your shoes, study those notes, and, for the love of all, SLEEP!(Also do lace your shoes, don’t be that guy in the race that trips on his laces). Repeat after me; study, eat, sleep. Study, eat, sleep. That’s all you’ve gotta do. And as always, don’t over-stress yourself. As the epitome of stress, I am telling you, the consequences of too much stress can be far worse than a less than perfect grade. So put on your headphones and get your brain ready, because this is the final stretch and it’s going to be a bumpy ride. Good luck, Muskies. Peace!


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