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Ending of “Regular Season” Testing!

I have my last test in the “regular season” semester today before my finals in the end of April and it feels great.  It has been a long journey of 8 semesters filled with quizzes and tests along the way. Tests and quizzes are something that is expected, even dreaded, by most incoming college freshmen but I found out there is many things that happened that I did not expect.

8:00am is a lot earlier in the day in college then it was high school. You might not believe me, but it will one of the first lessons you learn if you have an 8:00 am class your first semester. My first semester, I had class 8:00am to 11:00am and then was done for the day. My first class for my last semester STARTS at 11:00am. Some people still take 8:00am classes after their first year, but those classes probably have the most students that look like they just rolled out of bed.

Classes become a support group for college students, not just a room full of random faces. Classes are small enough here that you really get know not only your professors but also the other students.  The comradery of some of the hard biology classes, is what makes them as enjoyable as they can be. I would not have passed many classes, academically or mentally, if I didn’t feel comfortable asking classmates I had just meet for help.

You need to plan ahead of class, not just show up. Some professors give out attendance points but that won’t save your grade at the end of the year. Freshmen year I thought showing up and taking notes was good enough to pass a class. I soon realized that professors do not have to remind about your test a week ahead or even give you a study guide.   I spent a couple tests freshmen figuring that out, but I spent countless hours through the rest of my semesters making up for that.


Until Next Time,

Connor Hann


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