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Omne Trium Perfectum is our school motto which can be translated into English as “ Everything which comes in threes is perfect”. With these in mind, I have only three blog posts left here at Muskingum University. No guarantees that they will be perfect though! In this blog post, I wanted to give you my three perfect places on campus I love.

The Spoon Holder

What I can only describe as a gazebo on a lake, this great place has made lots of people’s memory. In fact, what makes the Spoon Holder a perfect place is THREE kisses with a significant others in it will bind you two to get married. My happily married friend regularly “blames” the spoon holder for bringing them together. Although the spoon holder is only 2/3 perfect for me right now, it’s a great thing to admire from a far at least for now.  The long walk up to Walter Hall would definitely not be the same without looking over to the Spoon Holder.


Chess 304

The Chess Center is great building that connects both of residential halls, having a social hall/café floor, a workout floor and a floor with study areas. I have talked about the other floors in past blog posts but there is one room that is perfect to me. Chess room 304 has held so many great memories of club meetings with Equality Alliance, Circle K International and Student Senate. I have ran meetings in that room and I have spent countless minutes rearranging the room for the meetings.  Almost everyone at Muskingum University has probably used the Chess Center , whether to study or just to avoiding the hills.


Pregnant Kangaroo” Statue

Okay, so its actual title is a mechanistic theory of evolution, but ask any science major or science professor and they will tell you it is the “Pregnant Kangaroo”.  Having to go in the Boyd Science Center day in and day out for the last four years, one look at this statue always gives me a reassuring thought. That thought being even  though  topics in these classes might seem complex, like the actual statue’s title, sometimes it just takes another way at looking it for it make sense.


Until Next Time,

Connor Hann


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