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The Quirks of College Life

Given that I had a rather hilarious start to my morning, I thought I’d talk about the quirks of living in a residence hall. It doesn’t come without it’s issues, but I love it no matter what. Keep in mind that when you live on a residential campus, funny things are bound to happen.

For example, my alarm went off as scheduled at 5:15am. I had every intention of getting up early, completing some things on my to-do list, showering, you know. The works. 6:48 rolls around and suddenly I’m out of bed like a half-zombie, shuffling my feet to the shower. On my floor in the girl’s bathroom, there is a big shower and a little shower. Unfortunately, I got stuck with the little shower. The little shower is unforgiving because it doesn’t let you adjust the nozzle like you’d need to, so you endure the peppering of extremely cold water at full blast until it gets up to the desired temperature.

Another quirk of college life? Living on a co-ed floor. Now, don’t get me wrong. It’s really a lot of fun…especially when you can hear the boys on your floor cheering at a (insert sport here) game on their TVs, or even just hearing them yell over video games. Many people may be bothered by this, but I think of it as college life at its full experience.

My last quirk is probably my favorite because it involves free food. Why is it a quirk? Because some of the free food combinations are unexpected, but are certainly no less enjoyable. I’ve gotten free popcorn, free cotton candy and ice cream, cake, pizza, and delicious soda – pop (whatever you call it  – and all of it has just been part of the wonderful experience that is being a Muskie. I wouldn’t change my experiences for the world.




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