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It’s Clobberin’ Time!

Hey you stressed out college kids!  Ready to curse the gods for essays and research projects? Sleep deprivation getting to you? Pulling your hair out yet? Well stop right there! Seriously, keep your hair while you’re young. Instead, how about taking a sledgehammer and breaking stuff?! (WARNING: stuff does not consist of limbs or faces) This upcoming Tuesday, join ACM on the campus Quad and partake in the glorious smashing of computers, printers, and other random technological devices. You can even bring something of your own to break. You can finally take your anger out on your old laptop that gave you attitude all those times! If that’s not enticing enough, there will also be free pizza given out to any and all who stop by. It’s a great opportunity to relieve all the stress we all are probably feeling now that finals are slowly approaching. I know I, for one, will be more than happy to break, smash, obliterate the bones of my ene-*COUGH* I MEAN ERM BREAK SOME NONLIVING THINGS THAT DON’T FEEL PAIN…or my wrath…Computer Smash N Pizza will be held during common hour so no worries about missing class either. That’s all I got for now. See ya later Muskies. Peace!


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