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A Jog through Memory Lane


Muskingum University population makes New Concord’s population soar upwards while classes are in session, but because it is so hilly we typically stay on our three hills except maybe for an occasional circle k run or eating at the Dairy Duchess ice cream stand. The hills are alive with college students! As a freshmen I did occasionally walk with my friends through town because of nice weather or some event downtown. Once sophomore year I was too preoccupied with clubs and classes to venture off our hills and when I got a car my junior year I gave my feet a rest from walking too far. As a senior, someone who will not reside in our hills much longer, I decided to hang some fliers around town for a Be the Match event we will be having on campus. I’ll admit, I nervous if they would be believe the negative stigma with college students in a college town, but I went into stores away.


I didn’t need to be worried after all though! Everyone was nice and helpful when I asked if I could hang a flier in their window.  Honestly, it was really refreshing to get off campus and not see other fellow college students at every turn. It was a very welcoming community and I noticed some shops I plan on stopping by when I have more time! For example, there is a store called “Health Kick” where they give out some good sounding smoothies! There was a very interesting antique store that had a notice announcing the times of operation with a note that said “Call this number for an appointment, I can be there in five minutes”.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get into a lot of the shops for two reasons.


I had to get back to campus soon for a meeting, alas the busyness of school pulled me away from this small town again. The main reason though was everything closes at like 5:00pm! Although this shocked me at first, perhaps that how life is outside of college and honestly that sounds pretty comforting to me.


Until Next Time,



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