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Annual LARP in the Hollow

Hey Muskies! So if you’ve read most of my other posts you have probably come to the conclusion that I am a total nerd….and you would be correct. I love anime, board games, video games, and tabletop role-play games such as Pathfinder and Fate. I never realized the extent of my nerdiness until came here to Muskingum where I quickly found a place where I fit in and a group of very amazing friends who all shared the same nerdy interests. As a member of, what I call, the nerd triad(Anime Club, Game Club, and Mindset) I get to be a part of a lot of fun events and this weekend I will be doing just that. This Sunday from 12-5 pm Jay Shaffstall, faculty adviser for Mindset, is hosting a Live Action Role Play(LARP) in the Hollow. If you don’t know what that means then I will explain it to you. Role play is essentially taking on the role of a fictional character and acting out that character within a story. In a live action role play you get to literally act out the story, kind of like a play except there’s no script, you just do what you think the character would do. Details of what the setting or theme of the story/characters will be will be announced at the LARP. There are 12 PC(player characters) and 3 or 4 NPCs(Nonplayer characters which means you’ll mostly just be doing some acting when the PCs encounter your character) so if you are interested please contact Jay for more details(his office is in Boyd Science Center). If you don’t really want to participate and maybe just want to observe and learn more about role play then please ask Jay beforehand. If you are unable to attend the LARP but are still interested in role play I highly encourage you to attend Mindset, we meet every Wednesday at 7 at the bottom of the Chess Center. That’s all I got for today. PEACE!


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