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Muskie Ducks

You may wonder why the title says “Muskie Ducks”. I mean what could be so important about the ducks?  Well I graduate in 12 days, and I am struggling to find the right words to express my experience at Muskingum University. “Did you know that the white ducks on campus were apparently donated by Jack Hanna?” I have told that to so many families on tours throughout the years. It may even seem strange that I think it worth mentioning on a tour, let alone my last blog post for admissions. I have got used to saying words of welcome and information about going here; I do not know words to express leaving here.

When I drive off campus in 12 days I will be taking with me so many fond memories of being in student organizations, memories of  starting a student ran recycling program, knowledge from 4 years of challenging classes, many life-long friends, a relationship with my college sweetheart, a Sinfonia brotherhood and some  student loans. All of these I will be able to take with me, but I cannot the Muskingum community with me. I will not be able to receive the “Muskie Hi” while I am gone. I will not feel those comforting words of encouragement from fellow students, professors and faculty members. I will not be able to debate with other student leaders what to do for our community and I definitely will not be able to get a Muskingum University duck with me.

I will miss the feeling of success of just getting to class because you had to climb a hill to get there. Or the sweet relief of finally making it to your room in your residential hall after climbing a hill to get there.  Never would have I thought  four years ago that it would be hard leaving the hills and ducks at Muskingum, but little things like that have made my college experience unique. In the end though maybe that is what college is all about, leaving an making an impact at a new place. Bringing a bit of the Muskie community to somewhere else in the world.  Muskingum University will always have a place in my heart, and I look forward to introducing people to the Muskie HI elsewhere.


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