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Where Has the Time Gone?

It’s crazy to think that Wednesday was our last day of classes and that finals have already begun. It seems like just yesterday I was trying to decided whether or not I wanted to transfer after two years at a previous university. And now I’ve just finished my first year here at Muskingum. And let me tell you it’s been like night and day coming here.

I’ve made so many more memories here at Muskingum than I had at my previous school. The quality of people that I have meet have been top notch. This is a place that really cares about you as an individual. The Muskie “Hi” let me tell you is a real thing. Everyone where you go you’re great with a warm hello. It’s great!

But as I look back, it crazy what all I’ve been able to accomplish here in just this short year. I found a major that I love as well as possible a second major. I’ve become a published writer as well as a literary editor. I’ve joined a sorority, and made some really great connections with faculty members.

Muskingum was a school that I thought I could never see myself at. To be honest it wasn’t even on my radar when I originally applied to universities. But after to failed years at what I thought was my dream school I got a reality check and found out that Muskingum University was actually the perfect fit for me in everyway. Muskingum University has been my rock this last year and I’ve made leaps and bounds because of it.

Honestly now, I couldn’t see myself anywhere else in the world besides the Muskie community. We may be small but we are mighty. So don’t let your years at college be a flop. Join our school of fish. We welcome all with open fins!

Until next year. Go Muskies!


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