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Why Muskingum?

Often I find myself being asked why Muskingum University? Why did you decide to stay so close to home? Why did you transfer from a state school? And my answers are always the same. I chose Muskingum because it felt like a home to me. Muskingum is a place where I have been able to grow as a student and as a person. If I need help with a paper or a class professors jump at the idea to help. I like the idea that the classes are small and that the professors know my name. I also like the fact that you get to become a well-rounded student through the LAE/GE course work. I believe this really helps when it comes time to decide on a major. Because you may think you know what you want to do and then switch it a million times like I did, and that’s okay because college is about finding yourself and your passions and Muskingum is completely on board as a University to help you do just that.

The reasons I personally stayed close to home is because college is scary and full of new and exciting challenges that I just wasn’t ready to face that on my own yet. And the fact that Muskingum is set in small neighboring community made it a perfect choice for me. My little sister was already attending before I transferred in my junior year. I knew how much she loved being a Muskie and with her being there it felt even more like home to me. That’s another thing that is great about small schools, often they are centered in small quant little communities with little neighboring communities near by so you really do get that hometown feel instead of the big city rush. And in that point in my life that’s exactly the type of environment I needed.

The last question is the one I get a lot. Why not a big state school or why did you leave your big school? And its simply, I felt like my potential wasn’t being fully met. There are lots of distractions outside of the classroom as well as within the classroom. I was intimated by the large class sizes, and the fact that professors couldn’t tell me from Adam made communication difficult. I mean there’s nothing wrong with wanting to go to these type of universities, they do have a lot of positives as well just like any school. But for me transferring to Muskingum just made sense. My GPA has improved tremendously, I’ve joined numerous organizations, and have made connections and memories that will last a lifetime. Muskingum is home, and my heart is full of Muskie pride!






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