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We’ve Got Spirit!

One thing you’ll notice about stepping onto Muskingum’s campus is the school pride and spirit! People are proud to be muskies. Most days you’ll notice people reppin’ their Muskie gear in support of a sporting team, club or even just the school itself. It’s great stepping onto campus and receiving that Muskie HI, and yes I literally mean complete strangers will pass by and acknowledge your presence on campus.

I personally love wearing my Muskingum clothing, it gives me the excuse to brag about all the great things Muskingum has to offer. Where ever I go people recognize the fierce Muskingum logos and it gives me pride to know that there is such a wide range of connections out there. Its a great feeling to meet an alumni when you decked out in the magenta and black, because you get a true sense of just how far the Muskie pride goes.

Muskies give it their all too when it comes to their sports teams and clubs. We have various sporting teams for both men and women, as well as basically any club you could want. School spirit is anything but short when it comes to Muskingum students boasting about their passions on campus. Its truly great to see such a diverse campus come together to form one giant mass of school pride.

The Muskie HI is real people and yes complete strangers will say hi to you for no other reason than to be polite. Its a welcoming feeling, especially for someone like me who came from a huge state school where people would rather cross the street or walk three blocks out of their way to avoid human interaction. This warm welcoming shows just how tight nit of a community we have here at Muskingum University.

School pride and warm hellos are everywhere here at Muskingum, don’t miss out on your shot of fun!




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