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Campus Jobs

Being a little tight on money is nothing new to a college student. You have more expenses, you’re kind of on your own depending on how far away from home you are. Being in charge of ones money is a big step for any young adult. You know longer have the little parent angle sitting on your shoulder telling you not to buy those new Jordan sneakers that costs more than your meal plan. However, coma get those cool new shoes because here at Muskingum University there are numerous opportunities for on campus jobs.

Most jobs become available during the fall semesters due to the fact that seniors just graduated in May, therefore their positions are up for grabs. However, make sure you get an early start on the job hunt, offices tend to start hiring a couple of weeks into the semester. So don’t wait until November to decide your broke and you need a job because odds are you probably won’t find one until the spring. So saying late hiring doesn’t happen but just make sure you start looking for jobs early.

Another great thing about jobs here at Muskingum is that there are a variety of choices. There are student jobs ranging from office work, to refereeing intramural sport games. Therefore, opportunities are everywhere you just have to step away from the Xbox and go find them.

So if you’re running a little low on cash and you want to prove to yourself that you can make it on your own, apply for a job here Muskingum. It’s a great way to make connections with the faculty as well as putting a little jingle in your pocket.




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