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Finding Your Own Space

Hey Muskies! So this week I thought I’d share a few words of advice for those of you still getting comfortable with the campus. This can be a bit of a difficult task, especially for freshman. I’m a sophomore and I still haven’t seen it all. But one of the many things that has made me feel at home is one specific room on campus where I hang out with friends, get homework done, not get homework done, and just chill,  like a second bedroom. To find your own space on campus, follow these instructions brought to you by yours truly:

1. Find a specific area on campus in which you can find most of your classes or walk to within a couple of minutes. This way you don’t have to worry about a big trip in between your chill zone and your next class.

2. Find out where most of your friends hang. I found my secret fortress through new friends, some sort of recruitment voodoo ritual, and a bribe or two. Jk. But seriously if you have found your group you will probably have a mutual hang out spot.

3. Bring some headphones. Now as I said before, you might want to get some work done for once. But it’s kind of unfair to ask everyone else around you to be quiet, unless you’re in the library or an area meant for work and studying. So bring some headphones and tune out while the monkeys you know as your friends play.

4. Finally and most importantly. DO NOT TELL ANYONE ABOUT YOUR SPACE! It’s nice to have a place you can call sort of home but it’s not so fun when a bunch of other people find out about it and decide to burst into your bubble. So whatever you do, do not tell anyone else. And definitely do not write a blog post about it.

Oh wait…


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