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MAJOR Passions

Its that time of year again and no I’m not talking about the holiday season. Recently here at Muskingum, the major’s fair was held where students get to explore possible majors, talk to different faculty members and even some students who are already a part of the those majors. Its a great opportunity to hopefully decide what your academic path is going to be over the next several years.

I love the fact that Muskingum hosts a majors fair, because it allows faculty and students to talk about their passions and tell why they chose to major in what they are currently studying. Because passion is what choosing a major comes down to.

When I was at my old university, I was in a major that was not for me. I found it hard to study when I needed to, I dreaded going to class and so on. I finally realized maybe this career path wasn’t for me. But how could I just give up on something so easily, something that I thought I had wanted to study since I was a freshman in high school. Well it was simple once I was honest with myself. That major wasn’t what I was passionate about. I could no longer see myself doing the kinds of jobs that my major would lead to. Instead I fell in love with writing and English.

No, I’m not saying to become an English major or whatever, I’m saying follow your passions and don’t be afraid to try something new and different. Just because you have always thought of yourself as majoring in one thing, don’t count something else out. Also, most people are in school for four years sometimes more, so if there is a couple things that you’re super interested in consider a double or even triple major.

College is about finding yourself, and finding a major that you love is a perfect place to start.


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