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Operation Santa Paws!

Hey Muskies! So as you know, Muskingum encourages organizations such as Greek life and school clubs to go above and beyond to give back to the community and support good causes. I myself try to do what I can to make the world a better place even if that just means emptying my wallet of pocket change for donations.

I mention this because there is one cause in particular that I am always very supportive of and that’s animals. Next to children, animals are some of the most innocent creatures in the world that deserve more than the abuse and abandonment that many are dealt. Which is the same idea that fellow animal advocate, Emily Jeffries had in mind when she came up with Mission Santa Paws in 2006. The mission? Bless local animal shelters with gifts so that they too can have a very merry Christmas. Every Christmas Eve Emily delivers toys, beds, blankets, etc. through the donations received through Santa Paws. I don’t know about you, but just the thought of a poor animal with no family to celebrate Christmas with is enough to pull at my heartstrings. But we can help make this Christmas a happy one.

Here’s how you can help. From now until Christmas break there will be a donation box located in the BOC. Donate as much as you’d like or whatever you’d like; towels, toys, food, blankets, anything you can spare. Then on December 1st from 10am-3pm in the BOC there will be a donation table where you can perhaps donate larger things that won’t necessarily fit in a small donation box. Want to do more? One thing I always suggest to people is to volunteer at the local animal shelter. There’s one in Cambridge and Zanesville and both are filled with animals in desperate need for love and affection.

If you have any further questions about Mission Santa Paws, email Madde Stephen at mstephen@muskingum.edu

*Cue In Arms of An Angel*

Image result for sad shelter puppy picture


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