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College Student’s Christmas Wish List

Hey Muskies! So as we are all well aware, one of the biggest holidays of the year is coming. That’s right, Christmas! That also means that your parents are probably nagging you about what you want this year and don’t seem to be please with “just money” as an answer(even though money would be great because, let’s face it, we broke). Another issue to answering this question of what you want for Christmas is that as we get older there’s not a whole lot we want besides financial stability and food. I myself stopped asking for birthday presents after I turned thirteen. We’re not kids anymore, so barbie dolls and toy trains are no longer a must have(or maybe they are, I don’t know your life). So I have here a list of Christmas gifts that every college student needs:

  • Clothes. We hated getting clothes as kids, but now that we’re adults that have to buy our own Christmas is a great opportunity to get your winter wardrobe ready.
  • Gift cards. It’s a lazy gift but it’s the next best thing besides money.
  • Technology. Game systems, computers, TV’s, speakers; we are a tech dependent generation and finding a youngin who doesn’t want a new laptop would be a rare thing indeed.
  • School merchandise. For your college kids with some serious school spirit, just go to the Muskingum bookstore(they also have a site online) where the Muskingum name and/or logo is on EVERYTHING.

Hope this helped inspire some ideas! Happy Holidays Muskies!


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