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Day in the Life of a Muskie

Hey guys! This week I thought I’d share a little post about what my average Thursdays are like in case you want a little real day-to-day life perspective on what it will be like to be a Muskie! I have 3 more classes on Monday-Wednesday-Friday so Tuesdays and Thursdays are a little more relaxed for me.

8:30am – Breakfast in Patton Dining Hall. Thomas Dining Hall opens at 10am, so for breakfast it’s either Patton up by the residence halls or the Bait Shop on the quad.

9:30am – 19th Century American Fiction with Dr. Adams. I am very much not a morning person and I struggle with any class before 10 am (don’t judge!) so I always grab a coffee from the dining hall or the bait shop before class on Tuesdays and Thursdays. There are also two coffee machines in Montgomery Hall and the library that have really good Caramel Cappuccinos!

10:45am – Grab lunch from the bait shop with friends. Depending on your meal plan, you can sign up for a smaller amount of meals per week and a lot more Dining Dollars to use in the Bait Shop and Winn Café, or more meals per week and less extra money on your student ID card. You can use your Dining Dollars at the Bait Shop, or do Meal Exchange, which counts as a swipe in the dining hall and doesn’t use up your Dining Dollars balance. Meal Exchange changes every day but it was my favorite today – Toasted turkey and swiss cheese on Ciabatta bread.

11:30 – Head to the library to work on an assignment. I basically live in the library because there are so many resources and good places to study.

12pm – English Tea Time. If you are an English major, minor, or just interested, this is a half hour each Thursday during common hour where the English department faculty and students drink tea and have snacks in the English suite and talk about anything and everything.

12:20pm – Work in the Registrars office. Get a job on campus, they’re fun and you get paid!

2pm – History of the British Novel with Dr. Keluhiokulani. This is a really interesting class, we read Robinson Crusoe, Pursuasion, Tess of the D’Urbervilles, and others.

3:30pm – Hit the gym! The chess center gym rocks. Seriously.

5pm – Dinner in Thomas Dining Hall with friends. Just heads up – Patton has soft serve ice cream and Thomas has changing flavors of hard ice cream. I won’t pretend the kind of ice cream my friends and I are in the mood for doesn’t play a factor in our deciding where to go for dinner…

7pm – Tutor English and Communications at the Student Success Center on the bottom level of Thomas Hall.

10pm – Finish any homework or reading (or Netflix) before going to bed . . .

The coolest thing about college is that you have a basic set schedule but also every day is different because you don’t have the exact same classes day to day. Can’t wait to see you on campus!


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