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Playing Catch Up

Hey Muskies!

Did you miss me? I know I missed you! It’s been awhile so let me catch you up. I unfortunately had to miss the first week of school due to a family emergency. I thought, “No biggie. It’s just one week.”


It was actually quite a big deal because surprisingly it is a lot harder to catch up a week’s worth of school than I had anticipated. Actually, as I type this on week three, I’M STILL BEHIND! To top it all off I’ve gotten the dreaded common cold which has taken my energy/motivation level down A LOT!

But as always, I am going to take this less than ideal situation and squeeze some advice and positive perspective out of it if it kills me(I mean, with this cold I already feel like I’m dying…) So! Here’s watcha do if you ever find yourself super behind for reasons you can’t control:

  1. TALK TO YOUR PROFESSORS! So hopefully they are made aware of your situation(be it illness or family emergency). If you know you are going to miss more than a day or two of school, email the VPAA and let them know of the situation. They will email all of your professors for you to get them in the loop. Once you get back make sure you plan out a catch-up plan with them to get you back on track with your work.
  2. GET HELP FROM YO HOMIES!(AKA your classmates): It can be very helpful to have someone outside of class hours who understands the things you missed by your side. Especially if you are lacking a book and they happen to conveniently have one.
  3. GO TO THE SUCCESS CENTER! Tutors are angels from above that will help you with any confusions you have when your professor is not available to you. The success center is also just a good environment for getting work done.
  4. RELAX!(<- she says in bold caps and an exclamation point…) Seriously, just breathe. It’s a nightmare to be in the situation, but it’s not going to get any better or help at all if you put yourself under too much pressure. Personal health, mental and physical, comes first. Don’t overload, go at your own pace, and you’ll do fine.

Good luck Muskies. I wish you all healthy and happy ❤


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