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Work It Out!

College is a stressful time, with lots of homework and outside of school activities. Therefore, exercising and eating healthy might not be on the top of most people’s priority list. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. Here at Muskingum University we offer salad bars and other healthy choices at the dinning halls. This allows for at least some healthy options, besides binging on a whole pan of brownies or going for your second bag the family size chips. So if you feel the need to stress  eat go drown your worries in some lettuce.

Its also hard to stay in shape as a college student. Most people are no longer playing sports like they did in high school, therefore you’re no longer staying in good shape. Plus as we age our bodies change and what used to work might not anymore. However, here at Muskingum University we offer a full size swimming pool that anyone can access. There is also not one, not two, but THREE places to work out here on campus. First there is the wonderful combination of the Anne Steele Center and the John Glenn Gym. The Anne Steele Center has full size basketball courts, racquetball courts and so. The John Glenn Gym is equipped with basketball courts as well as the swimming pool, and a weight and exercise room. So you can get your bodybuilding on, while someone else walks on a treadmill. There is also the bottom of the Chess Center, loaded with lifting equipment and fitness rooms. The Chess also offers fitness classes such as Pound and Yoga. And last but not least is the track and field combo. Muskingum as a wonderful outdoor track as well as a newly turfed football/soccer/lacrosse field.

So if you’re worried about going off to college and gaining the freshman 15, I’m telling you not to be. Muskingum has many wonderful ways to beat the weight gain and to crush unhealthy eating habits. But its up to you to take advantage of them.


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